anja winzig
animation &


visual concept

In july 2018, an iceberg stranded near the coastal village of Innaarsuit.

Intrigued by photographs and videos of the event, I began to randomly collect more footage and articles about icebergs, calving glaciers and melting ice. The collection inspired a visual concept and a story which I intended to turn into my third shortfilm eventually. However, due to insufficient funding the film could not be produced.    

Nonetheless, I'm further exploring the visual concept created by the combination of live-action and found footage with hand-drawn and cutout animation elements on a multiplane animationstand. The resulting images are multi-layered. They inspire musings about ongoing processes, transience and change in the environment.  

The canton of Lucerne supports FLUT / FLOOD with one of the 2018 scholarships for the applied arts. (interview (german):
In 2019 I got the chance to work on FLUT / FLOOD on the island of Örö (FI) via the ÖRES Örö island residency programme and in 2022 some of the images I created there were part of the ÖRES summer exhibiton. Thank you, ÖRES!

paint on glass and cutout animation on multiplane animation rig combined with digital live-action and still footage